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Who We Are? We help independent game developers make their players forget it’s a game… through sound. Great sound can enhance user experience, increase replay value, and increase the likelihood that gamers will remember your game long after they’ve put down the controllers. We are specialists in audio immersion techniques designed to do just that.

Why? We believe that at the highest level, games are contributions to pop culture similar to music, tv, and movies. We also believe that great sound shouldn’t be limited to blockbuster titles. To find out more about the impact that music can have on your game, please check out

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About Us

We are dedicated to helping independent game developers immerse their players through sound.  We continually research and explore how sound can assist with immersion and apply it to game sound. Some see games as contributions to popular culture, we hear games as contributions to popular culture.

Frank Lubsey (Audio Immersion Specialist/Composer/Sound Designer)

Frank Lubsey is the founder of Jam Sonic LLC and wakes up each morning exploring and researching the ways that sound can assist in immersing gamers.   His focus allows him to combine his background in consumer marketing, game audio production, and music production with his love of games.   In addition to his composition and sound design, Frank is an active researcher and writer on sound and its impact on gaming immersion.  His most recent articles and videos can be found here.  Don’t forget to sign up for his newsletter on audio immersion.  He can be reached at frank@jam-sonic.com


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What we do


Immersive Sound (SFX/VO) – Great sound can enhance user experience by  supporting graphics and can make gamers “buy into” world.  Bad sound reminds gamers that they are in game, take away from the user experience, and can annoy listeners if listened to for extended duration.  Using the latest middleware platforms such as FMOD, wise, and dynamic sound techniques, we provide a compelling experience that will last for long hours.

Immersive Composition – Great composition can support your game’s narration.  The unique challenge for games is that hearing the same song for extended periods will kill replay value and leave gamers with sour memories long after.  Through both compositional techniques and techniques unique to gaming, we develop audio that will enhance replay value and have them humming your tune in their heads delightfully after they put down your controller.

Want to learn more about how we can help?  Contact us at frank@jam-sonic.com.


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We’ll spend 30 minutes listening to your game needs.  We’ll then spend time doing research based on what you told us and provide a custom report.

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