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OGDE 2015 Highlights: Sentinels of The Multiverse (Handelabra Games)

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending the Ohio Game Developer’s Conference in Columbus, Ohio, and although I was “working”, don’t feel too bad for me.  My “work” , consisted of playing game demos coming out of the indie game dev scene in Ohio.  The variety of games being developed ranged from RPG/Card hybrids to puzzle based games, and for the rest of  November, I’ll be writing about my favorite games played during the conference.  So be sure to check out these upcoming games and show some love to their developers.



Sentinels of The Multi-Verse (Handelabra Games)

Being an avid collector and fan of comic books as a kid, I was immediately drawn to this game on the expo floor of OGDE.  The stylish comic book visuals, the colorful pop-ups, and the ability to play a team of super heroes…what’s not to like?  Fortunately, when I picked up the controller, I was not disappointed.  Sentinels of The Multi-Verse is the tablet version of the cooperative card game of the same name.  For those who have ever played Magic:  The Gathering or Star Wars: The Collectible Card Game, you will be on familiar ground when you play Sentinels.

The comic book theme of the game lends itself perfectly to tablet format as the dialogue and characters literally pop off the screen and come to life.  Combine stylish visuals, fun card game mechanics, and music that evokes the feel of Saturday morning action music, and you’ve got a world that invites you in. As you start the game, you go through a tutorial that guides you through the rules of the card game.  For people who haven’t played card games, or haven’t played in awhile (like myself), this tutorial is not only helpful, but essential.  Fortunately, the tutorial does a good job of explaining the game while keeping the pace active.


The game mechanics are not hard, but they do take a few turns to become familiar with.  As with most card games, there is a combination luck and skill as the order in which you play cards matter, but of course, the cards you get are random.  However, each hero has a unique set of attributes and abilities that can be called upon to aid in your quest.  In addition, mini-pack expansions have been released to add new sets of cards to the game in order to keep it fresh.  Lover of comics.  Fan of card games?  Be sure to check out Handelabra and Sentinels of The Multi-Verse at:

Sentinels of The Multi-Verse

Handelabra Games