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OGDE2015 Highlights: Falling Clyde (Battle Cavy)

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Ohio Game Developer’s Conference in Columbus, Ohio, and although I was “working”, don’t feel too bad for me.  My “work” , consisted of playing game demos coming out of the indie game dev scene in Ohio.  The variety of games being developed ranged from RPG/Card hybrids to puzzle based games, and all this week, I’ll be writing about my favorite games played during the conference.  So be sure to check out these upcoming games and show some love to their developers.


Falling Clyde (Battle Cavy Games)

Today, I’ll be talking about Falling Clyde from Battle Cavy Games.  Falling Clyde is a fun and addicting game with a simple premise:  in the game you “fall”, but you can navigate and prevent your free fall by landing on platforms.  Fall too far below or above the screen, and it’s game over.  This seems simple at first as the game starts off at a moderate rate. However, the longer you fall, the faster you fall.  What starts out as a moderate free fall soon quickens turns into a fast plummet.  Along the fall, you collect items to boost your score as well as special items that slow down the rate of fall.


Don’t let the cute graphics fool you, this game is tough, but it is also fun to play.  Some of the most intense moments come when you are falling rapidly, but manage to do some expert maneuvering across platforms. It’s the type of experience that leaves you holding your breath until you manage to find an object that slows down time, or until you…lose.  Be on the lookout for Falling Clyde from Battle Cavy and check out their links here: