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OGDE 2015 Highlights: Collapsus (Wraith Games)

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Ohio Game Developer’s Conference in Columbus, Ohio, and although I was “working”, don’t feel too bad for me.  My “work” , consisted of playing game demos coming out of the indie game dev scene in Ohio.  The variety of games being developed ranged from RPG/Card hybrids to puzzle based games, and all this week, I’ll be writing about my favorite games played during the conference.  So be sure to check out these upcoming games and show some love to their developers.


Collapsus (Wraith Games)

Continuing my highlights of OGDE 2015, today I’ll be talking about the puzzle game “Collapsus” from Wraith Games.  The best way that I can describe Collapsus is to compare it to Tetris, but instead of manipulating shapes, you collapse blocks of various colors.  Once four blocks of the same color are aligned, they disappear and you get points.  However, outside of the blocks, the similarities to Tetris end as “Collapsus” manages to put its own spin on the puzzle genre.


Despite the apparent simplicity of the game, the game is tough to win, and even harder to put down. From my recollection, during the weekend, there were only 2 people that made it to level 2 of the game.  Yea, don’t let the bright colors fool you, this game is an ass kicker.  I myself stopped by the booth the first day, played it, got my assed kick a few times, and enjoyed it so much, I stopped by for round 2 for an additional serving.  Addicting is an understatement.

Outside of that, the Collapsus dev team, Wraith Games, is also pretty cool group, and during the second day of the expo, I got to chat with the founder of the company for quite some time and their story is a testament to the power of perseverance.  They have 2 other projects in the pipeline that I myself did not get a chance to play, Physix and Jet Pack Hero, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for them and you should too.  Show some love by visiting them on:

Wraith Games Website