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Jam Sonic is an all-in-one audio production studio, focused on creating and implementing the best sound design for video game developers. From character dialogue to sound effects to cinematic and ambient scores, we do it all so you can focus on creating the gameplay and story you want to tell. We fill out your production team by providing you a one-stop, collaborative audio department.


  • Music Scoring

    Jam Sonic expertly scores cinematic soundtracks, creating the mood, ambience, and tone that your game needs to draw players into the world you’ve created.

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  • Sound Effects

    Beyond just music, we provide original and ground-breaking sound effects to create believable layers to the world you’re building.

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  • Collaboration

    We are your go-to shop for all your audio needs. Think of us as an extension of your team, working along side you to realize your vision.

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  • Integration

    Jam Sonic goes a step beyond other audio shops, integrating original sound right into the back end of the game engine.

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