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About Jam Sonic

Video gaming is the natural progression of pop culture, having spent the last 30+ years solidifying itself as a medium of respected art alongside TV, film, and even great books. Games are an immersive experience, a modern way of sharing and telling stories.

Game audio has come a long way from the 8-bit days of pong, but TV and film audio have had decades more to develop and evolve to where they are today. We believe in continuing the progress in game audio, helping you to create a world into which players lose themselves. The experience should be immersive, and that means audio which feels as real as the visuals look, and as natural as the rumble of the controller.

You are shaping the future of gameplay, and we are shaping the future of game audio alongside you.

About Frank

8bit_frankFrank Lubsey has been composing and performing music for over 20 years. Starting out on the alto saxophone at age 10, he played in various jazz and wind ensembles at both the high school and university level.

It was a Christmas in high school where he received his first composition software for the PC, Cubase, and he has been composing ever since. Later on, he would add the keyboard to his repertoire, studying under renowned music educator Mark Harrison.

Combining his love of music with his love of gaming, Frank began to specialize in interactive audio by taking classes at the School of Video Game Audio at The Game Audio Institute, and by participating in Game Jams and smaller independent development projects.

Frank has lent his talents to a variety of projects including commercial music for clients such as Seamless Web and Magna Wines as well as music cues for various TV publishing companies. In addition, some of his work was recently featured in the 2014 Omicelo Music Festival in Pittsburgh.

“People often underestimate the role of music in games, but it is one of the key ingredients to immerse players. I am passionate about spreading the gospel of good music and its importance to the gaming community.”

In his spare time, Frank enjoys restaurants, travel, gaming, and all things 80s.

About Jeremy Lubsey

8bit_franks-brotherJeremy Lubsey, a native of Maryland, got lost in music and video games at an early age. After being fascinated by music and stereo systems, for years, he began studying the alto saxophone at the age of 9. He eventually studied all the way through the college level where he received his Bachelors Degree in Music with an emphasis in Recording Technology from the University of Maryland: Baltimore County (UMBC).

After graduation he worked as a tracking engineer working with a myriad of musical acts and producers. In 2010, he moved to NYC where he started at Masterdisk as an intern, and eventually became a mastering engineer and one of the youngest Vinyl Disc cutting engineers in the industry. From there, he worked at Vlado Meller Mastering working alongside legendary mastering engineer Vlado Meller in Charleston, SC. Over the years he’s had the pleasure of working and being credited with numerous talented artists such as Jim Campilongo, Kanye West, Eatliz, Slipknot, and Susan Boyle to name a few.

Throughout his years, he always had a knack and passion for computers, video games, and music. When JamSonic was started, it was the perfect way for Jeremy to blend those passions together. Ever since then, he hasn’t worked a day in his life…he’s just doing what he loves.