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OGDE 2015 Highlights: About To Boom (Hand Cannon Games)

OGDE 2015


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Ohio Game Developer’s Conference in Columbus, Ohio, and although I was “working”, don’t feel too bad for me.  My “work” , consisted of playing game demos coming out of the indie game dev scene in Ohio.  The variety of games being developed ranged from RPG/Card hybrids to puzzle based games, and all this week, I’ll be writing about my favorite games played during the conference.  So be sure to check out these upcoming games and show some love to their developers.


About To Boom (Hand Cannon Games)

First up is the multi-player shooter “About To Boom” from Hand Cannon games.  The concept is simple.   Defend the sun against all enemies.  This at first seems simple as you are armed with 3 types of weapons, and with up to 3 other people joining you, you feel like you have everything under control.  Slowly but surely though, the screen begins to be flooded with enemies until the inevitable happens…the sun explodes.

However, make no mistake.  There is no stopping the invasion, there is only hanging on as long as possible in order to get the highest score possible.  What is most memorable about this game is those “O #$%#!” moments when you realize how massive the enemy force has become.  With the massive wave of enemies, the unique variety of attacks, and your fellow teammates, the action on screen gets tense quickly.


What’s also cool is where the dev team plans to take things.  On the demo itself, there were only a few weapons active, but many more weapons are being planned for the final version, including weapon customization options.

Be sure to vote for them on Steam Greenlight and check them out at the links below for more info.

Hand Cannon Games Website


Steam Greenlight