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Sound Design for Games

Music Scoring

Scoring music for games is certainly an art. One must know the feel of the scene, understand the look of the environment, and truly sense the pacing and ambiance that the game designer is seeking to create. At Jam Sonic, we produce scores that wrap the player in the world created by the designers, drawing them deeper into the experience of the game.

Sound Effects

When actions occur in games, as in life, there needs to be the appropriate audio reaction. To truly feel realistic and gripping, those sounds must be precisely timed, and realistically rendered. We have an intimate knowledge of how to craft sound effects to heighten the reality of the world you are creating. Where poorly executed sound can draw the player out, we know how to make expertly styled sound so players believe the experience more than ever.


Video games are stories, and the characters don’t just need to talk to each other, they need to speak and converse believably. Poor acting can ruin an otherwise good movie, and the same goes for video games. We specialize in working with the top voice talent available, recording their performances, and then seamlessly integrating them into believable conversations. From cut-scenes to in-action speaking, Jam Sonic is your expert shop for creating realistic and engaging dialogue.

Creative Collaboration

Think of Jam Sonic as a member of your team as well as your whole audio department. We collaborate alongside you, bringing your expertise together with ours, working to help make your ideas and goals for your project everything they can and should be. We are partners in seeing your vision become the best possible reality.


Some sound shops create the sound effects or the score for a game and then hand those assets to the developers to add into the game. At Jam Sonic, we can take that workload off the shoulders of your team, and do it ourselves. We integrate the sound effects, dialogue, musical score, and any other sound right into the game engine, and connect it to the gameplay. We do all this ourselves, so your team can concentrate on creating a world in which players can be drawn in completely.


Our process begins with an initial conversation about the technical, budgetary, and gameplay audio requirements for your game. In this conversation, we learn all about what you are trying to achieve in the game and the needs of the sound. We then give you a comprehensive proposal, detailing our strategy to achieve your game’s goals on-budget and on-time.

After approval of the proposal, we begin by gathering any artwork, prototype levels, and game design documents you have and begin designing sounds to match the visuals for your game. For clients that use us for implementation, we incorporate these sounds directly into the game engine so that you can preview how everything will sound and behave directly in the game world. For clients that do implementation in-house, we send over assets electronically in a form that is easy to preview and provide feedback.

Once you are fully satisfied with the sounds and music, we archive all of the assets and provide them to you. Our process doesn’t end until you can lose yourself in the sounds of your world.